GM Address

The general manager's address:
""I usually take it for granted. This poem <Bamboo Stone> of Mr. ZBQ vividly describes the current environment for the survival of small and medium private enterprises, as well as the reason why can survive . At all times, companies must face the happy circumstances, the undercurrent, the hard times of adversity. Only the hard and only the strong can persevere, never give up, which is the fundamental of the business survival.

I deeply like the business song for Goldensign, such as "Good times, do not lose our direction; setbacks, the high spirits ... ... the opportunities inhere in difficulties, only through changes can we exist long ... ..." These sentences have seen the simple unified
theory and the contradict relationship. I think whatever we are running the business or managing our life, should we have this kind of thinking and attitude. We must both have "" heroic pursuit and "" leisure and detachment.

Over the years, Goldensign company has accumulated a number of outstanding and diligent people, which has created an excellent team. This team which can fight and win a hard battle is the foundation stone of the development of our company. We will not only pay attention to the growth of the enterprise managers, sales, technology, market and other key employees , while also concern about the growth of the production, procurement, technical services and other regular front-line staff. The front-line staff are closer to the customers, the suppliers and the products. They are more truly to control the market changes, customer needs, suppliers of high and low, the products of good or bad. As for every employee of the company, to have progress every day is the last word. Close to the market, customers, the company's development, continuous practice, training, self-motivated learning is a strong guarantee of progress.

A few years ago, I went to participate the trade fair in Dubai UAE and Las Vegas USA with the company's department of foreign trade. The two cities are both miracles created by human beings in the desert areas, which give me a great shock. The bright- ness and vibrance of the two cities, compared to the brutal and desolate desert silence, a world of difference. I hope that we, Goldensigners dare to think about, do it, create such a miracle.

Till now, although we have made some accomplishments, we are soberly aware that we have not improved the poor survival environment of business. The Enterprises are still in the primitive stage of development. We, Goldensigners, must make unremitting efforts because of our team, our company, our partners and our motherland!

This is with you, my friends and colleagues, which encourage each other!