Mind Identify

Core Philosophy: To behave with a grateful heart; to be honest and highly motivated
Principles of behaving
Thank parents for giving birth and educating
Thank nature for seasoning and natural beauty
Thank country for stablizing our healthy and wealthy life
Thank company for giving us the stage and opportunity to devote ourselves
Thank staff for conducting themselves to the development of a company
Thank family for giving us the harbour of happiness
Thank friends, partners, compititors for making life more meaningful
Prcinciples of conducting
To be honest, frank and righteous
To be hignly motivated, aggressive, keep learning and gaining

Enterprise Tenet: People-oriented, Serving the society
People-oriented: Human resources is the most essential resource of a company, Be cautious to avoid human resource cost is the no. 1 cost of a company.
Serving the society: To provide job opportunity, To apply tax duty to country, To cultivate qualitifed citizens

Enterprise spirit: Practical, highly-motivated, innovative, never give-up
Practical: To be steadfast, quick movement, high-efficient execution
highly-motivated: Realize a definite aim step by step with high spirits
Innovative: innovative in thinking, solutions and actions
never give-up: Never, ever say give up

Enterprise Commission: Provide wide-free stage, create harmonious atmosphere and keep progressing with society
Enterprise aim: To be outstanding company in industry field
Operation Philosophy: Company, staff, customers and partners progress together; customer service is the core of our company's practice
Enterprise Expectation: To be a paradise of imagination and innovation.
Enterprise Slogan: Beyond the self, Create perfection