Company Profile

Our Competencies
Goldensign Industry Co., Ltd. Has specialized in the production and supply of equipments and materials for advertising, decoration and clothing. Goldensign consists of Shanghai Goldensign Plate Division, Shanghai Yuetai Laser Division, Shanghai Puri Laser Tube Division, and Goldensign USA Branch (sales department). At present, Goldensign Plate Division is Chinese most professional supplier of PVC Foam/Celuka Board for cabinet production. Yuetai laser equipments are widely applied in various fields like advertising, fabric and leather cutting, engraving and cuttingof handicrafts, furniture and boards and sculpting of curved surface. Puri Laser Tube so far has already distributed to more than 60 countries and regions all over the world by adhering the business philosophy as “customer-oriented and enterprise-based to achieve the sound development of our clients, employees, shareholders and business partners” and by relying on the working practice as “Professional contributes exscellent”.

Our Products
PVC sheets: In Goldensign,a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for over 11 years in china .Such as PVC Foam Sheet,PVC Celuka Sheet,Rigid PVC Sheet ,WPC Celuka Sheet,Acylic Sheet,ABS double color sheet Etc. Regarding details,please kindly

Sign Machines:Shanghai YueTai Machinery Co., the branch son company under Goldensign Internaitonal Technology Co.,Ltd.YueTai Company owns the complete system of R&D,manufacturing,sales and serviceintegration.we are now specializing in manufacturing laser engraving & cutting machine,desktop laser stamp engraving machine,laser power,laser tube ,liner guide seat,laser mirror shelves,laser heads,working platform for laser machine,and GS series engraving and cutting machines under outsanding quality,Now Yuetai company has been sucessfully in providing the OEM services for the key parts or complete machines to many of our overseas distributors and agents Regarding details,please kindly

Laser tube :Shanghai Puri Laser Technology Co., a manaufacturer and supplier of carbon dioxide laser tube.we have over 10years of experience in laser tube . the present Puri Laser can produce 40W,60W,80W,100W,120W,150W,180W,350W,400W CO2 laser tube,Now we take advanced Catalyst technology to enhance the power and longer lifespan of laset tube .Regarding details,please kindly

Our culture
Goldensign Industry Co., Ltd. always heritage the enterprise core idea of working with gratitude and behaving as righteous and self-motivated heart man."This concept drive us to gratitude to customers, the staff, the partners, the Shanghai and the motherland.

Our group
Goldensign Industry Co., Ltd.Ltd has a professional and dedicated team.Among them, more than 70% is university undergraduate course graduation.They mainly major in business management, international trade, mechanical and electrical integration, English, e-commerce, logistics and other fields.Based on the scientific management system and good corporate culture, the company timely put forward the direction of team building of creating invincible excellent team and building up a harmonious enterprise atmosphere".


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